The constellation of Corvus, "the Crow" is one that is steeped in antiquity, but the many legends regarding this bird have been lost in the stream of time. One such legend records how this bird came to the aid of Hera, when she and her brother Zeus were fighting for supremacy over each other. Zeus killed the bird, but it was reverently placed in the sky by a grateful but vanquished Hera in honour of its bravery. It has also been known as a Raven, and a bearer of bad news; Ovid’s Metamorphoses informing us that at one time the bird was silver coloured, but after bringing the great god Apollo news of his lovers infidelity, Apollo turned the bird black. Edgar Allan Poe used this image of the raven and the foreboding that accompanies it in his epic gothic, brooding poem The Raven, describing the despondency experienced over the death of a loved one.

Notable Objects

NGC 4361 a planetary nebula and Messier 104, the “Sombrero” galaxy on the border with Virgo