This lovely little constellation is easily envisaged as the dolphin it is meant to represent. Apparently, it is the dolphin that came to the rescue of the famous Greek poet Arion, who was returning by ship from a competition in which he had won a large sum of money. The avaricious sailors robbed him of the prize and cast him overboard, hoping to hide their crime. But Zeus sent a dolphin to rescue him, and then destroyed the ship with a thunderbolt. Arion was saved and the dolphin thereafter was placed in the sky. Delphinus contains a few objects that merit the attention. Its position close to the eastern border of the Milky Way ensures that it is a place of interest to the nova and supernova hunter.

Notable Objects

“Jacob’s coffin” a diamond shaped asterism that is the body of the dolphin. NGC 6639 a globular cluster and NGC 7006, a very distant globular cluster