This constellation is supposed to represent the dragon that guarded the garden of the Hesperides, the place where Hera the wife of Zeus kept the golden apples of immortality. In other legends it is the Hydra that guarded the Golden Fleece, only to be killed by Jason on his successful quest. Draco is a long, sinuous constellation of rather faint stars that winds between the two bears to end in a head of 4 stars close to Vega. The star  Draconis or Thuban is not the brightest star in the constellation but is remarkable in that 4300 years ago it was the closest star to the pole. In the great pyramids at Gizeh, several passages appear to be oriented towards this star's culmination, as seen from Egypt 4300 years ago. It has often been claimed that by looking up one of these passages, Thuban may be glimpsed in daylight by a keen eyed observer, although all stars, even of the first magnitude cannot be seen in daylight without some kind of visual aid.

Notable Objects

NGC 6345 a bright planetary nebulae NGC 5907 a spindle shaped edge on galaxy