The constellation of Scorpius, the "Scorpion" is one of antiquity, being immortalised by the Greeks as the villain of the Orion legend. Scorpius was placed in the summer sky, at the opposite end of the spectrum to Orion so that it could do the mighty hunter no further harm. Scorpius is one of the few stellar associations that actually looks like the creature it portrays, although sadly, from British latitudes, we never get to see the magnificent tail of the beast, only the head and its outstretched claws. The constellation lies along the southern, wealthy portion of the Milky Way, the centre of our galaxy being just over the border in Sagittarius. Scorpius contains quite a few objects of particular interest to those equipped with modest instruments such as binoculars or a small telescope, and is a haven for some excellent star clusters.

Notable Objects

The bright red star Antares, Messier 19, Messier 4 and Messier 80, both are bright globular clusters